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Re: the Radfem 2012 post

I have most likely messed up with the vocab and terminology on that post. I am a cis woman with a very limited knowledge of the subject. I was angry and annoyed and wrote it pretty quick. In posts from now on I will always remember to check my white/cis/straight/western/education privilege. Also when I say “they just happen to have male genitals because of some fuck up with the biology” I mean something’s gone awry because their sex doesn’t match their gender*. Not because I think being a man in itself is a fuck up with biology. 

That craaay. 

*Also I recognise that some people don’t have a fixed gender so that’s obviously not a fuck up, that’s just them. AH so not qualified to talk about this. I just hate hate. Trans women are women. End of.

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Radfem 2012

Some radical feminists are putting on a conference festival thing in London to talk about feminism. They have guest speakers and they plan on talking about ways to smash the patriarchy and that. It all sounds like a nice weekend away talking about interesting things


"RadFem 2012 is women only. We respect that discussion spaces are needed free from oppression and dis-empowerment, and we assert our right as women to organise a women only space.  As Radical Feminists we recognise that patriarchy dominates personal and political spaces across the globe. In turn we ask that RadFem 2012 be respected as a space where biological women living as women are able to meet and share information in a peaceful and safe environment. 

If you are not a biological woman living as a woman, and you wish to support RadFem 2012, we encourage you to assist us in enabling a womens space. Support a woman you know to attend by sponsoring her registration fee, or you are also welcome to make a donation.”

So it’s “biological women” only everyone. 


You’re not welcome to the conference but we will GLADLY take your grubby male money to continue to exclude you from a movement non cis-gendered women should feel 100% welcome in. Obviously they should in all of society but feminism is about fighting oppressive systems that are put in place based on sex. WELL HELLO…trans* people are discriminated against and ridiculed because of their sex. What part of that doesn’t say “COME ON IN, have a seat and share my quinoa”?

I just can’t comprehend WHY they would exclude any women from their groups. It’s a simple concept. Trans* women are born women, they just happen to have male genitals because of some fuck up with the biology. 

I hate that anyone claiming to be a feminist and to be fighting for women’s rights can hold and act upon such bigoted views. I’m sure that it’s not all radical feminists who think in this way and I’m glad. 

…also they missed out an apostrophe in ‘womens’. nah nah nah nah nah.

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